Order cannabis THC capsules from this page, and get them shipped fast! If you’re looking for a controlled and consistent dosage of THC, and an alternative to smoking or vaping, THC capsules are a great option. Our capsules are infused with THC in dosages ranging from 2.5mg – 50 mg per capsule. They’re a great choice for both beginners and experienced consumers alike.

Perfect for those who want a clean, discreet, scent-free product that delivers the full benefit of the cannabis plant. These capsules can work well for pain relief, insomnia, relaxation, or appetite stimulation. Keep these out of reach of kids, use responsibly, and start low and go slow.

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LYFE THC 100mg Capsules


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LYFE THC 10mg Capsules


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LYFE THC 2.5mg Capsules


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LYFE THC 25mg Capsules


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LYFE THC 5mg Capsules


Cannabis Edibles

Mota – THC Capsules